Autonomous AI-Enabled UAVs for Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Lead ResearcherDr Mauro S. Innocente
Dr Thomas Statheros
Dr Nadjim Horri

Erle-copter Taking-off & Landing

Contributing Student: Constantin S. Pavelescu (Research Intern, 2018)

From ground position, the motors are armed, the drone takes off and maintains altitude. After a few seconds, it lands.


Erle-copter Tracing Railway Tracks

Contributing Students:
Paul E. Esugo (MSc Student,2018)
Constantin S. Pavelescu (Research Intern, 2018)

Detecting and following Vanishing Point (VP) with PID Controller.


Autonomous Identification of Missing Fasteners in Railway Tracks

Contributing Student: Matthew Sumner (MSc Student,2018)

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to classify different issues in sleeper fasteners from dataset of images collected from current automatic track inspection systems.

GUI CNNs.png
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