Autonomous Vehicles & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AVAILab)

Multidisciplinary laboratory focused on developments and applications within the fields of Mathematical Modelling, Optimisation, Soft & Natural Computing, Self-Organisation & Swarm Robotics, Autonomous Navigation and Positioning Systems.


External Collaborators

Prof Guillermo Rein (Imperial College)
Professor of Fire Science

Dr Arash Moradinegade Dizqah (University of Sussex)
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Dr José Martín Herreros (University of Birmingham)
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Dr Daniel James Rogers (University of Oxford)
Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Prof Johann Sienz (Swansea University)
Professor, Deputy Head of College of Engineering

Prof Silvana Maria Bastos Afonso (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
Professor of Civil Engineering

Imperial Hazelab (Imperial College)

Smart Vehicles Control Laboratory (Universities of Sussex/Birmingham) 

Pau Costa Foundation (contact: Jordi Vendrell, Spain)

Internal Collaborators
(Coventry University)

Dr Evangelos Gkanas
Senior Lecturer

Dr Thomas Statheros
Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Dr Johanthan Nixon
Senior Lecturer

Dr Nadjim Horri
Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Dr Olivier Haas
Associate Professor in Applied Control Systems

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