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Multidisciplinary laboratory focused on developments and applications within the fields of Mathematical Modelling, Optimisation, Soft & Natural Computing, Self-Organisation & Swarm Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Computer Vision, and Positioning Systems.

Fire Propagation Modelling (FireProM)

Lead ResearcherDr Mauro S. Innocente
: Paolo Grasso

Physics-based Fire Propagation Model for Fast simulations (FireProM-F)

Multi-physics modelling of the spread of wildfires accounting for:

  1. Enthalpy balance (including combustion enthalpy, diffusion, vertical convection, and pseudo 3D radiation).
  2. Chemical species formation/consumption.
  3. Temperature field discretised into nodes, heat transfer model solved using centred finite differences in space and 4th-order Runge-Kutta finite differences in time (4th order accuracy).
  4. Uniform wind.
  5. Calibrated with FARSITE for specific fuels.
  6. FireProm-F runs faster than real-time in a standard PC.

Example with Uniform Fuel without Wind

Example with Uniform Fuel with Wind

Example with Mixed Fuels without Wind

Example under Realistic Scenario without Wind

Example under Realistic Scenario with Wind

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