Autonomous Vehicles & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AVAILab)

Multidisciplinary laboratory focused on developments and applications within the fields of Mathematical Modelling, Optimisation, Soft & Natural Computing, Self-Organisation & Swarm Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Computer Vision, and Positioning Systems.

Lectures & Invited Talks

Jun Jet Tai – Presentation at the 6th International Gran Canaria School on Deep Learning, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 26/07/2022.

Daizy RajputShort interview before delivering invited talk at the Future Propulsion Conference (FPC 2022), Birmingham, UK.

Mauro S. InnocenteSelf-organising Swarms of Firefighting Drones,
Invited Keynote Lecture at the XXXVII Congreso Argentino de Mecánica Computacional (MECOM 2021), Resistencia, Argentina, 05/11/2021

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